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Fulfill your priorities  •  Avoid costly mistakes  •  Enjoy more confidence - less worry

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It's about you; your perspective, your experience and your values. Whether it's investing, planning for retirement, kids education or purchasing your first home, clients and relationships always come first. As your financial advisor our commitment is to use our expertise, experience and skill to help you achieve your unique definition of financial success.

What does financial success look like?

  • The replacement of fear and worry with confidence and contentment.

  • The achievement of financial goals that help fulfill your most important priorities.


Every individual and family has a unique definition of financial success; unique values, goals and needs. As financial advisors in Orange County we understand there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution.

Our Services

We focus on Wealth Management from a Biblical Perspective* – planning and investing that helps you confidently use money to pursue God’s unique purpose for your life.  Personal wealth management to help you fulfill your priorities, avoid costly financial mistakes and experience more financial confidence and contentment.

Why Cooke Wealth Management

At Cooke Wealth Management we are more than traditional wealth managers, instead we act as wealth advocates for our clients.  As your financial advisor we actively look out for your best interests, with a clear focus on helping you grow and preserve your wealth.

Christian Wealth Management
Biblical Principles
As your financial advisor, we help you apply biblical principles to your unique circumstance - principles that empower us all to confidently make wise financial decisions.
It is our job to put your interests and needs first! As your financial advisor and CFP® professional we are held to a fiduciary standard – to always work in our clients’ best interests.
No Sales
As a fee-only advisor we are free from the proprietary product focus and sales mentality that sadly characterizes so much of our industry today. You will never be sold a "product" at COOKE.
CFP® Mark
Your financial advisor holds this recognized standard of excellence. With it they have completed extensive training and experience requirements and are held to rigorous ethical standards.

A Biblical Perspective

*Wealth Management from a Biblical Perspective - money is a tool to accomplish that which God has placed on your heart. As Christian financial advisors we provide our clients with perspective, principles and a process to apply those principles to their lives. The Bible provides specific principles on handling money that work regardless of the current economic climate or personal belief. These principles include:

This short, animated video tells the story of the power of biblical financial stewardship. It brings to light some key concepts and helps illistrate how our financial lives can be transformed by applying God’s trust to our financial decisions.


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